Internet box: Bouygues Telecom breaks prices, SFR is even more violent

Bouygues Telecom is one of the most popular ISPs at the moment. Its special offer for the first year is enough to crack more than one. But SFR retaliates even harder with fiber at 10 euros. In short, this weekend, it’s time to change your internet box.

Change of internet box is EASY and FREE. While some might have thought the opposite, it’s very easy to terminate an offer and move elsewhere. Whether it’s to save money or to get a better network, there are plenty of reasons that can justify this move.

But this weekend, if you want to change your internet box, you can combine the two: an excellent box at a ridiculous price. Between Bouygues Telecom and SFR, there has been no better time to change. When we see, for example, the fiber at only 10 euros per month, this is excellent news. He had not been seen for months, even years at some ISPs.

To discover the offer at 10 euros, it’s here:

See SFR’s offer

Obviously, if you are already a customer of one of them, you cannot migrate to these internet boxes at a reduced price. SFR and Bouygues Telecom are fighting to attract customers from the competition. You should be ready to change: these offers are of such quality that you can really gain in the change. Just compare with your current offer, you may be surprised.

SFR, the Internet box at 10 euros (fiber)

SFR is renowned for its Internet boxes on the market in France. In order to make its offer as simple as possible to understand, the supplier offers two packages respectively entitled SFR Fiber and SFR Fiber Power. This is the first which has the right to an impressive price reduction this weekend, it advances a quality-price ratio of madness.

With the My Fiber Days operation, the SFR Fiber Internet box is displayed at 10 euros per month (instead of 38 euros per month) for very high speed fiber (500 Mb / s download and 500 Mb / s upload) as well as unlimited calls to landlines and 160 TV channels.

To find out more about the SFR Fiber Internet box, it’s here:

See the SFR offer

SFR guarantees the price of this Internet box for one year, you will not pay more than 10 euros per month for the entire first year. After this period, the price will rise to 38 euros per month – the initial amount of this offer. In the end, you save a total of 336 euros: this represents a sum far from negligible on the expense item.

If you choose this Internet box from SFR, you are committed to the supplier for one year. This might sound like a constraint, except this is exactly the period you pay for this plan at the lowest price. After this time, you are free to go to another actor in the hope of continuing to pay less – in which case you will not need to justify yourself.

This offer signed SFR is easily placed among the best internet boxes in 2021. Its price remains very attractive without neglecting the quality: you enjoy unlimited calls (to landlines), but also the TV option and the best network available at this rate on the market. The supplier can take on his account up to 100 euros of cancellation fees if you leave your current plan for his.

Bouygues Telecom, several Internet boxes

Bouygues Telecom directly competes with SFR in the Internet box sector. Its offer is also very easy to understand, it is based on three formulas, the price of which varies according to the options. Thus, the supplier can fulfill all the expectations and demands of the public. The whole range is targeted for a discount this weekend, which is the case for a few days.

The first Internet box from Bouygues Telecom is called Bbox Fit, it is the most interesting of the range in terms of price. It currently costs 15.99 euros per month only for high-speed fiber (300 Mb / s download) as well as unlimited calls to landlines. You will find that this offer does not offer the TV option, it avoids having to pay for this feature to all those who do not have a TV: it is the perfect plan if this is your case.

To see the Bbox Fit Internet box, it’s here:

See the Bouygues Telecom offer

As we said, Bouygues Telecom does not offer just one Internet box. The other two offers are a little more complete (and expensive) than the Bbox Fit, they can also present themselves as real alternatives – especially if you have a little more waiting. The whole range benefits from the prices displayed for one year, the duration of the commitment is also 12 months. Here are the other two subscriptions:

Like its competitor SFR, Bouygues Telecom can take care of your termination costs up to 100 euros. The fees in France never exceed such an amount, the transition to your new formula should be painless and efficient. Once again, it should be remembered that these promotions will soon end.

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