Microsoft launches a free app to manage devices from the PC

Microsoft released a new application that will help users manage all connected devices from the PC.

Yes, an app to configure and connect all your Microsoft devices. It is a free tool that you can download from the Microsoft Store.

New app to configure and manage Microsoft devices

Microsoft has an assortment of devices and peripherals: tablets, consoles, headphones, controls, among others. So this tool will make it easier for you to manage it from your PC, although not all of them are compatible with this system.

Even so, the application allows you to perform a series of actions that will save you time. You can, for example, view device information, activate a microphone or camera, limit the volume, adjust the language of voice alerts, reset the factory settings, among many other actions. Of course, everything will depend on the functions and configuration of each device.

The dynamics is simple and you just have to download the application Microsoft Accessories Center from the Store.

As with Microsoft services, the app will ask you if you want to send optional diagnostic data to help improve its dynamics. It is a setting that you can enable, or not, when you install the app.

If you have previously configured the device, you will see that it appears automatically in the application for you to perform some of the options that we mentioned before. If it seems that the app does not detect your device, make sure it is in the list of compatible devices.

At the moment, you will only find a few options within the audio and webcam sections, as well as the USB Link. As you can see in the image above, when you add a device you will find all the settings as if they were part of Windows 10. This is the first version of the application, so it is possible that new devices and functions will be added in future versions.

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