Mobile plan: B & You hits hard with the return of the offer at € 5.99

Bouygues Telecom is relaunching its B & You unlimited mobile plan at € 5.99 per month. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

B & You is the range of Bouygues Telecom mobile plans which focuses on simplicity and an attractive price. Until Sunday midnight only, the operator offers an unmissable offer, with an unlimited and no-obligation package at only 5.99 euros.

If the 20 GB offer is the most attractive if you are looking for a mobile package at a discounted price from Bouygues Telecom, the operator also offers discounts on its 60 and 140 GB offers. To take advantage of it, you have to be quick. ending this Sunday June 13.

To access Bouygues Telecom’s offers, it’s here:

See B & You offers

Mobile plan: 24 hours flat

At midnight this Sunday evening, it will be too late. With the exception of the 5G plan with 130 GB of data, all other B & You mobile plans benefit from a special offer. If you want to change your 4G plan, now is the perfect time, and there is something for every budget, from € 5.99 per month to € 12.99.

The cheapest mobile plan at B & You still offers a very good volume of data, with 20 GB for 5.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 12 GB of internet in the EU and the DOM. Offers around 5 euros are increasingly rare, and this B & You offer is a godsend if you want a balanced package that is very inexpensive.

The superior version at B & You is just as interesting with a data volume of 60 GB for 8.99 euros per month. This package also contains calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited. You can use 10 GB from the EU or the DOM if you have to travel.

Finally, Bouygues Telecom has drawn a new package, with a volume of data rarely seen. This premium 4G package offers 140 GB of data and also includes 15 GB from EU and DOM. Once again, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are included with this plan. His price ? 12.99 euros per month only!

In addition to this, Bouygues offers for each of these packages, optional and without obligation, one month of access to the service, which allows you to enjoy more than 70 channels on the mobile. After this free month, you can access the service for € 3 instead of € 6 per month. You are free to take advantage of the offer or not:

See B & You offers

Bouygues Telecom, top network and service

In France, B & You offers are one of the essentials. To achieve this, Bouygues Telecom has worked on an offer that combines quality of service and value for money. While the prices of its non-promotional mobile plans are already very competitive, its flash sales go even further.

Each of the B & You offers is without any commitment of duration. You are therefore free to terminate whenever you want, and in a very simple way. Bouygues allows this for these offers, because the operator has confidence in the quality of its offer. If you want to subscribe to a B & You plan and keep your current number, all you need to do is get your RIO number. To do this, you must call 3179, and inform the RIO when you subscribe to Bouygues Telecom.

The operator has been in the market for years, and regularly praised for the quality of its services. The network is recognized for its very good quality, combining speed, coverage and stability. Whether in 4G or 5G, you benefit from top-notch experience in France. ARCEP has also placed Bouygues as the second best network in France.

These three mobile plans at discounted prices at Bouygues Telecom are available until Sunday, June 13 only. To subscribe to an offer, it’s here:

See B & You offers

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