The army staff’s Twitter account publishes a clear password

Computer security also involves very simple gestures that you have to think about, as the official Twitter account of the French Armed Forces has confirmed despite itself.

In businesses or large organizations, it is not uncommon to see a piece of paper hanging on a wall with the login information for the common Windows session. There are best practices for computer security, but sometimes you have to deal with the most urgent … The important thing is to avoid sharing photos of paper on social networks!

An embarrassing sharing

This is the misfortune that has happened to the French Armed Forces General Staff: the sheet with the Windows session identifier and password is discreetly present on a photo shared by the Armed Forces official Twitter account. The 166,000 or so subscribers had plenty of time to write down this information, before the account realized the error and deleted the tweet which had remained online for about thirty minutes.

The affair is all the more funny as the tweet praised the work of ” security actors »Who meet« in exercises close to reality “To deal with” natural, technological or health risks “. Technologically, there is still work to be done to apply good practices! The Ministry of the Armed Forces will also have to clean up its website, the photo with the connection information in clear being still present on several of its pages.

Unfortunately for the Armies, it will probably be necessary to change the password for the Windows session of the staff. Even if the official account and the ministry delete the photo on all its media, screenshots are now circulating everywhere.

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