We can now invest in Wuolah, the portal for notes

Are you one of those who always takes notes of everything they say in class? How would you like to have the opportunity to earn money with this practice? Not bad, right? And invest in such a platform? Well with Wuolah you will have the opportunity to do it.

It is a platform created by 4 Sevillian university students where users can upload your notes and obtain monetary compensation based on the number of accumulated downloads.

Since its creation, Wuolah has become a site of great popularity among students, thus managing to concentrate a community of 500 thousand users who may have access to more than 4 million documents.

Upload notes and earn money trying

When it comes to income, Wuolah offers the student two avenues to generate it. The first one is through the notes download, action that can be performed no advertising making a payment or, for free, but including the ads in the notes.

A large number of students have seen Wuolah as an ideal option to monetize their course notes. Likewise, Wuolah has a series of criteria that prevents students from uploading notes that have been prepared by third parties, in order to avoid that they can profit from content that is owned by another student or teacher.

Regarding income, one of the founders of Wuolah, Enrique Ruiz expressed the following: “Good users already earn around 100 euros per month […] We work so that in two years 1,000 euros per month are reached»

Later, Wuolah is expected to add the option of upload notes in video format. With this measure, the creators of this platform hope that those youtubers with educational content will take the initiative to migrate to Wuolah in order to expand the reach of the platform and make it generate a greater impact on students at the local level.

In this way, Wuolah hopes to encourage students to adopt and improve this traditional academic practice, so that they can not only optimize their learning process, but also obtain an economic benefit from it.

Opportunity to invest in Wuolah


The fact is that they have now opened an equity crowdfunding, a possibility for anyone to be an investor in the platform, and they have already exceeded the planned 250,000 euros, with 26 days remaining for completion.

It is a collective financing with which we can obtain a proportional part of the capital of the company.

With the money they will be able to add new functionalities to connect students and content creators, also increasing the reward system for content creators.

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