Xiaomi Mijia 2C – robot vacuum comes as the successor to the Mijia 1C

With the Xiaomi Mijia 2C vacuum robot, Xiaomi has presented a successor to the 1C model, which comes with technical improvements.

Xiaomi Mijia 2C with more suction power and battery power

The Mijia 1C from Xiaomi has been on the market for a while now. For many users, it is particularly interesting because of its flat design. Now there is a successor, the Mijia 2C. This looks very similar to its predecessor, but has a lot of technical improvements under the hood.

Image: Xiaomi

Compared to the 1C model, the Xiaomi Mijia 2C now has a higher suction power of 2.700 Pascal. The battery is also included 3.200 mAh now a lot bigger. There is a clear change in the wiping function. Here, on the one hand, the water tank has become a bit larger and, on the other hand, we now also have a wiping function here vibrating wiper plate. The side cleaning brushes have also been changed and six “arms?”.

Image: Xiaomi

In my opinion, the most important changes are the new side brushes and the wiping function. You will probably not notice much of the other differences in everyday life. The price is also an argument for the Mijia 2C. At AliExpress it is currently available for less than 250 euros.

Click here for the Mijia 2C on AliExpress!

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