Chinese rover Zhurong takes selfie on Mars

It’s not just NASA that has a foot on Mars. The Chinese space administration is also present with the Zhurong rover, which landed on the Red Planet in May. The robot posted impressive new images.

If Perseverance has made the headlines since its landing on the planet Mars, we should not forget the presence on site of Zhurong, the Chinese rover, which arrived in relative discretion on May 14 on the planet. red. Since then, the two robots compete with spectacular images, and Zhurong did strong this week.

Striking images of Mars

The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) shared several snapshots and a video of the robot’s immediate environment. One in particular has been around social networks, we see what must be called a selfie of Zhurong and in the background, of his lander. The image was taken by a wireless camera deposited at this location by the rover. The latter then returned to the lander to strike a pose!

Credit: CNSA

And that’s not all, Zhurong also captured a panorama of the surroundings, we can see the ocher earth characteristic of Mars up to the horizon. A striking panorama which reveals the atmosphere reigning on the red planet.

Zhurong landed in Utopia Panitia, an area in the northern hemisphere, after several ” minutes of terror Before managing to land on dry land. The Tianwen-1 probe, which carried the rover and its lander, took off from the Wenchang site in Hainan province on July 23.

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