How to have the European COVID passport from an Android mobile

Whether you have received the vaccine, have taken a test in the last 48/72 hours or have already recovered from COVID and want to travel, you can request the digital COVID certificate to move to another EU member country.

This is a document that will come into force as of July 1, although, at least in Spain, it already has the pilot test and you can request it physically (on paper) or digitally (via mobile). Having it will facilitate the entry and airport controls from the aforementioned date. These are the 2 ways you can get it from your device.

The first option to have a COVID passport in Spain: the Ministry of Health

COVID passport request

The Ministry of Health is issuing said document from its website and there we will have to do the following:

– Go to option Application for the EU Digital COVID Certificate.
– Here you will have to identify yourself, and for this you have two options: the permanent Cl @ ve or the digital certificate. For the application signing process, you will need the Cl @ ve Firma or the AutoSignature program.
– After that, you can select which of the certificates you want to receive: you can request a PDF file to save it on your mobile or request that the certificate be sent to you on paper by postal mail.

The second option to obtain the COVID certificate: in each autonomous community

In addition to the first alternative offered by the Ministry of Health, you also have at your disposal the mobile applications and websites of the autonomous communities that have activated this request to obtain the COVID passport: Asturias, Baleares, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, La Rioja and Murcia do not yet have it available. However, these other 11 communities have it enabled:

Andalusia: enter the web ClickHealth +, go to the “Health” section and identify yourself with the digital certificate, permanent password or health card number. You also have the app available Andalusia Health app to make the request. For those over 65, the certificate will be sent on paper to their homes.

Aragon: enter the page Health Informs, Identify yourself with the digital certificate or the Health PIN and you will be able to download the PDF with the data and the QR. The option to do it through the mobile app is not yet available.

Canary Islands: here you will have to go to the web miHistoria and identify yourself with the digital certificate or the permanent Cl @ ve. The community has also activated the procedure through its mobile app miHistoria for Android.

Castile and Leon: you can download it through the mobile app SACYL Connect, but you will also have to identify yourself with the digital certificate or the permanent Cl @ ve.

Catalonia: the portal My Health It has been updated and enabled to include the download of the COVID Digital Certificate. Catalonia has enabled the mobile app My Health. Either way, you will have to identify yourself with the digital certificate, the permanent Cl @ ve or the health card code.

Valencian Community: the web is by name EU Digital Certificate and there you must identify yourself with the number of your health card and the date of birth. You can also request the CDC from the app GVA + Health.

Madrid’s community: the request is made through the app Health CardAlthough you can also call 900 102 112 or go to a health center.

Estremadura: the request can be made through the site Health Extremadura identifying yourself with the digital certificate or PIN code. You can also apply for the CDC in person at health centers and hospitals. It is also not available in its mobile app version.

Galicia: in this case, the first thing to do is request access through the sistema Chave365 and then you can request the CDC online through the app It is also possible to request it in person at the community vaccination points.

Navarra: the request is made from the portal Personal Health Folder or in the mobile app Personal Health Folder for Android, but you need the digital certificate, the Cl @ ve PIN or the card number to identify yourself.

Basque Country: from website Osakidetza you will have to look for the Health folder option. You can identify yourself with the digital certificate or through a record in the BakQ electronic identification system.

Things to keep in mind about the European COVID passport

– The certificate is non-transferable.
– Its emission is free of charge.
– It should be remembered that the COVID certificate is not an essential requirement to travel through the countries of the European Union, but it will be very helpful to speed up controls at stations and airports.

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