How to know where a photo was taken from your mobile

Checking where a photo was taken with the mobile can get us out of trouble, or simply remove our curiosity to check the place, day and time an event happened.

Knowing the above from your mobile is easy and you can do it through Google Photos or another gallery application by following these steps.

See the location of a photo from Google Photos

The Big G app makes it easy by letting us know where a photo was taken in two ways:

– First, we can go to the Search section to click on the Places section. If we click on the blue See all tab, we will access the list with the cities in which you have taken photographs, and you will be able to see an interactive map that will give you the exact place thanks to Google Maps.
Location of photos in Google Photos
– If this process seems a bit difficult, then you can search for a specific photo and click on the 3 vertical buttons located in the upper right corner of the screen. By doing this, you will see the map of where that image was taken and if there are other photos that were taken from the same place.

Know the location of where a photo was taken in another gallery app

In our example we are going to use the app called Gallery and we have two methods to check the location:

– The first option is to enter the application in question, open the image, click on the 3 vertical dots located in the lower right corner and click on the Details tab. In this way you will discover the place, date, size, model and other parameters related to the photo.
Normal photo location

– The second alternative is to enter the app, click on the 3 horizontal bars in the lower right corner and select the Locations section. Once there, you will have a list with the cities and the photos that have been taken in those regions.
Photo Locations Gallery

What to do to send photos without being able to discover the location from which they were taken

– The first step is to open the camera application of your smartphone.
– Enter the camera settings (in some Android models it is through the gear icon and in others it is from the 3 horizontal bars)
– Find and disable the Location Tag or Save Location Information button.

Disable Android Photos location

Something you should also know is that If you are going to send photos through apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, they themselves are in charge of safeguarding the location information when compressing such images. The above applies if you send them as photos. Now, if you are going to send the file as a Document, the receiver will be able to discover where you sent the image from, it will even have the data of the mobile model, among others. To do this, you must be on a computer and right click on the photo> Properties> Details.

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