Siri gains independence and installs on third-party devices

Although Apple entered the connected assistant market very early on, Siri has been overtaken by Amazon’s Alexa, and by Google Assistant. The Californian manufacturer reacted during WWDC this week, unveiling two important new features.

The week was marked by a slew of announcements from Apple, which hosted its annual (and virtual) developer conference. Between its new operating systems, dont iOS 15, and Dolby Atmos in Apple Music, the builder did not skimp. But two announcements concerning Siri should not be overlooked.

A closely watched freedom

The connected assistant will work… without connection! Voice recognition of user commands will be handled by default entirely on the iPhone or iPad. Tasks that do not require an internet connection will be performed much faster, such as controlling audio playback, creating a timer or launching applications.

The other novelty is more surprising and marks Apple’s desire to go beyond its own platforms: Siri will be installed on devices from other manufacturers. Ecobee, the manufacturer of connected thermometers, is one of Apple’s partners. The SmartThermostat with voice control will be the first device to integrate Siri. Be careful, to take advantage of it you will still have to own a HomePod or a HomePod mini: the catchphrase ” Dis Siri Will be understood by the thermostat, which will order the enclosure.

It is therefore not quite an independent version of Siri in question, since you have to have an Apple device in the house. Despite everything, it is a step forward that will extend the assistant to new manufacturers. The assistant, behind the competition, needs to see further than Apple’s products.

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