Watch Euro 2020 without interruption thanks to these products

This Friday, June 11, the Euro 2020 finally begins. The European Football Championship, scheduled for last year, arrives a year later, with Portugal wanting to revalidate the title won in 2016.

The Portuguese national team’s matches will be broadcast live on TV for free. Thanks to the most varied applications available for your smartphone or tablet from operators, where you’ll be able to watch various games. But not all Wi-Fi networks can support it. And Devolo claims to have the solution for that.

“For those who want to follow the championship without Internet, it is possible to tune in using cable, satellite or radio. But most people will prefer to watch the games online, either via IPTV or app, using their own wireless network. This is where the problem of inconsistent Wi-Fi, susceptible to signal loss, comes in. This is because Wi-Fi connections have several natural enemies,” the company said in a statement.

Magic 1 Wifi mini Starter Kit is an inexpensive option to end your Wi-Fi problems

These problems are usually caused by “walls and ceilings, even furniture and plants, not to mention water pipes and other inevitability”. With the w0 router distance increasing, users also lose connection quality.

Let’s say you want to watch a game in the garden, and that there are simply other people at home doing activities on the same network. Wi-Fi can be significantly slower, and this is where Devolo’s Magic series solutions can come into play.

devolo Magic and Mesh WiFi 2 can give your European Football Championship another color

These “Magic adapters are compact and flexible, and can be plugged into virtually any electrical outlet and easily extend the router’s range using the home’s mains.”

Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 Starter Kit is the ideal solution to get rid of any internet signal range problems at home

It will all depend on the model, but they can provide “high speed wired and wireless internet wherever you need it”. It is good to note that “although they are designed for indoor use, their flexibility is perfect for making football nights in the garden possible”.

All you have to do is put them in an outlet protected from the sun and water to have strong Wi-Fi outdoors. And Devolo suggests two good options, one of which I have already tested and use daily at home.

The first, and most economical, is the Magic 1 Wifi mini Starter Kit. It includes two adapters that you can purchase for free. only €98.94 on Amazon from Spain. If you want to go further, there’s the Mesh WiFi 2 Starter Kit, which you can buy for € 223.49 in the same online store, and which includes Wi-Fi mesh for use in the home or garden. It is good to remember that you are entitled to free shipping to Portugal.

Note that the brand offers a three-year warranty on all products. You can still check the our review of Devolo Mesh WiFi 2.

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