What’s new in Ford’s connected cars

When it comes to electric cars, safety is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider, not only in the development of the structure and the different systems that make up the vehicle, but also in the rest of the elements that accompany it, such as the car management apps.

In this sense, manufacturers such as Tesla, GM and Volkswagen have put the maximum effort in the development of their apps in order to achieve the highest efficiency in each of the functions that intervene in the control of the car.

In the case of Ford, this manufacturing company has an application for its connected cars named FordPass, to which they have added a new function for theft detection, which has been designated with the name of SecuriAlert, formerly known as Guard Mode.

It should be noted that this system had already been implemented by Ford in its commercial cars, and now the company has made the decision to extend it to its connected cars.

Once the function is started, it generates a push notification which is sent to the phone when non-irregular actions or actions not carried out by the owner have been detected. This is something that Ford considers very useful as a measure to recognize when someone who does not own the car tries to access it using a cloned or stolen key.

In this way, Ford’s SecuriAlert warns the car owner when the electric car alarm is activated, regardless of the distance in which it is.

After the alarm has been generated, the application will show the user the hour of the unusual activity along with the reason for which it was activated, as well as data corresponding to the last Location of the electric car.

Regarding the effectiveness of the system, this will be more verifiable the further away from the car the user is, who you must deactivate it once I get back to it. SecuriAlert is already integrated into the FordPass Connected Feature Package, so that the next models of electric cars will be protected with this system.

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