3 options to create abstract art from the web

Abstract art is capable of transmitting extremely different sensations to people. The same work can reassure or stress, or simply be ignored, as if it were a stain on the wall. Play with the experience of each person, with the visual shock and the combination of colors that for each one can represent a different emotion.

On the web there are many options that allow you to create this type of art, and although it does not take the same time as with a Renaissance work, it can generate interesting results in the public. Here you have a selection: Every time we click on the «generate» button, several works with geometric figures of different colors appear. Each work can be exported in high resolution, even in video format, where you can see how the figures are put together until the resulting painting is assembled. We can choose the colors and the size of the animation, and it is also possible to cancel said animation so that it only shows the image.

suprematism A whole classic. I last introduced it to you five years ago, and I won’t stop doing it. We just have to move the mouse on the screen and click when we want a paint stain. The results can be impressive.


Color Wander: We just have to open the web and wait. It is not interactive, it is automatic, and if we don’t like the result we just have to refresh the page. At any time we can capture the screen, even if you have not finished with the composition work.


As you can see, they are simple to use, although many times you have to spend a few hours to obtain exactly the type of paint that we want to put in our living room, a unique painting, with a signature of its own, with the guarantee that nobody has anything like it.

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