Apple wants to remove passwords in favor of biometrics

It was during its WWDC conference that Apple presented Passkey, a new way to create accounts and identify yourself on merchant sites, without having to use any password.

Creating an account on any online platform usually requires two things: a valid email address and a password. However, the situation could well change with Apple. On the occasion of his WWDC, the American company presented Passkey, a new solution for removing passwords. During a session titled Move Beyond Passwords, GAFAM has thus unveiled its ambition touse biometric data directly to create an account.

The idea behind Passkey is actually not new. For several years now, most smartphones and laptops have carried a biometric recognition system with them, which allows easier access to certain platforms, without having to enter a password. Where Apple wants to revolutionize the market is that biometrics could soon serve as a native identifier to create an account, instead of systematically relying on the traditional login / password duo.

First tests this year

From the coming months, the sites and applications that will take Passkey into account will allow the creation of accounts without a password, simply through the use of our biometric data (Face ID and Touch ID). Note that this biometric data will be integrated into the iCloud keychain, and will therefore be end-to-end encrypted, and stored like a traditional password.

Because if the more and more frequent use of biometric data has raised serious ethical questions in recent years, it is to date the most reliable way to secure an account. Unlike a password, there is indeed little chance of forgetting or having your fingerprint stolen. Today, passwords remain the most sought after item of data by hackers (especially through phishing campaigns), and password managers are far from infallible.

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