Microsoft formalizes the arrival of the Xbox Series X mini-fridge

The company prides itself on having developed the most powerful mini-fridge in the world. We will be able to verify this allegation at the end of this year.

A few weeks ago, the brand had taken a video presenting a huge fridge bearing the image of the Xbox Series X, often mocked for its aesthetic resemblance to the household appliance. Aaron Green Berg, head of marketing at Microsoft, had promised fans of the Xbox branch that they might soon own a mini version of this fridge. The dream becomes a bit more a reality with Microsoft’s latest announcement during this E3 2021. In addition to a very extensive catalog of new Xbox exclusives, the company unveiled the Xbox Series X mini-fridge and said it would be available by the holiday season, that is to say at the end of this year 2021.

An ideal gift for Christmas

While the Xbox Series X is ” the most powerful console in the world “, The mini fridge is also” the most powerful in the world “. Unlike its life-size version, the miniature version of the Xbox Series X fridge should be able to be marketed and therefore reach the hands of a large part of the gaming community. However, this information has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft and the company might as well give it to gamers. We also do not know what size the device will be, but we suspect that it will be significantly larger than an Xbox Series X in order to be able to contain several cans as shown in the video.

As for the other announcements from Microsoft, relating to games this time around, you can find our recap of everything you should not miss from the conférence Xbox & Bethesda, which lifted the veil on a ton of exclusives.

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