Plenty of the first Android 12 beta was installed

Not only can Pixel owners try out the first Android 12 test systems, and the first beta is said to be popular.


Android 12 Beta is by far the most downloaded / installed beta system ever, said Dave Burke, Android development manager. The sentence is beautiful in itself, of course, but unfortunately we did not get any numbers or a basis for comparison in terms of the magnitude of the thinking.


By the way, Android 12 reached the beta phase in May, and in addition to a lot of security innovations, a thorough design update, Material You, will bring serious innovations to users, the latter probably contributing greatly to the popularity of the system, which is still being tested. Not to be overlooked is the fact that a lot of manufacturers, including Oppo and Realme, have already made the beta available for their top models, so it’s not limited to Pixel owners to install. By the way, the second beta of Pixels was launched the other day, which is not only more stable, but also brings new features.

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