The new survey for programmers is underway, with prizes for participants

Programmers around the world can now participate in a new survey from the prestigious Developer Economics, the global Developer Nation survey that will allow us to obtain information on the reality of the Software development sector.

That’s two surveys per year, and they’re known for helping no-code developers and creators discover new tools, platforms, and technologies while helping to understand what’s used the most around the world.

The results of these surveys are used to provide further documentation, APIs, libraries, and tools. The answers have a direct impact on the future of the programming world, so responsibility is always asked when responding.

Available in this link, we can now share what we think and how we work in web, mobile, desktop, cloud, DevOps, industrial IoT and consumer electronics programming, AR / VR, applications and extensions for third-party ecosystems, games, machine learning and AI, as well as data science.

Again, we can win prizes by responding. At the end of the survey we will have a “bag” of virtual gifts, with free resources, and we will be able to participate in various raffles (you have the list of prizes on your website) to win from a new team to mobile devices and more. In addition, for each valid answer, they will donate $ 0.10 to a charity of our choosing.

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Lenny Li

I started to play with tech since middle school. Smart phones, laptops and gadgets are all about my life. Besides, I am also a big fan of Star War. May the force be with you!

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