YouTube adds new tools to detect copyright violations and block them within the upload process

Those of us who publish videos on YouTube are used to seeing from time to time a notification indicating that someone has copied our video, offering some options to choose what we want to do in such a situation.

It is curious that Google cannot block the upload of the video knowing that it is duplicated, since with its technology it will surely manage to do it, but for some reason, it has only decided to do that now.

YouTube is rolling out some new options to give users more ability to stop uploading copyright infringements and detect potential IP infringements within the app.

You are adding a new element in the copyright claim process that will allow creators to check a new box when reporting copyright infringement to ‘Prevent copies of these videos from appearing on YouTube in the future’ in the options detection / elimination.

When this box is checked on a successful copyright claim, YouTube will work to prevent other users from uploading the same video, using its video matching and copyright identification detection technology. The same process will also allow YouTube to alert creators when similar content is uploaded if this box is checked.

For this, YouTube points out that creators must ensure that they have exclusive rights worldwide to any video content that they claim in this process, but if we are the creator of the content and want to prevent people from uploading different versions and reusing our material, this new process can help us a lot.

YouTube is also adding a new list of how many videos have been blocked from loading due to their claim. That could be a good way to prevent a copy from being uploaded in the first place, which could also help YouTube reduce disputes and problems as a result of the revenue generated from it.

YouTube dice than the new update It will be implemented in a phased process that will take a few months to be fully available.

In addition to this, YouTube also says that its Copyright Match Tool, which until now has only been available to creators in the YouTube Partner Program, will now be available to “any creator who issues a valid removal request.”

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