Apple Watch: Trick That Kept Design Secret Revealed

Images and video of Apple Watch prototypes, which were used to test the functions before launch, have just hit the net revealing tricks used by Apple to hide the product’s design.

The watch appears inside cases that transform it into something similar to a cell phone and an iPod. The images and video show the 38mm and 42mm variants with their bodies completely covered by the accessories.

Product prototypes are usually destroyed by Apple, but, interestingly, these managed to escape cruel fate and fell into the hands of the youtuber Apple Demo.

According to the user, the 42 mm version with a different protective cover was obtained in December last year. The prototypes appear to run a different system than watchOS, possibly software still in the development stage.

The two prototypes with different sizes and covers were compared in video

Last Saturday, Apple Demo posted a video on its YouTube channel comparing the 38mm and 42mm prototypes and their cover-ups side by side.

You can see in the boxes where the clocks are stored words like classified that enhance security. Furthermore, it is also written on them that the product is returned once the tests have been completed (which clearly did not happen).

Unreleased version of Apple Watch Series 5 also hit the net

Still talking about the apple smart watch, another leak revealed that the Cupertino giant intended to launch a black version of the Apple Watch Series 5 with ceramic finish – however, only the white color won commercial release.

The news was shared on Twitter by the user Mr. White, who collects prototypes and gadgets rare that have not been announced.

The white ceramic version of the watch hit stores as the Apple Watch Series Edition and cost US$1249 (~1048€) in the US.

Possibly one of the reasons why the apple canceled the black edition may have to do with its similarity to the stainless steel variant in the same color, which was sold for a much more affordable price.

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