Microsoft: the Xbox Design Lab is back!

You can now customize your next-gen controller, if you’ve ever gotten your hands on an Xbox Series X / S.

After several months of absence, the Xbox Design Lab signs its official and immediate return. The controller customization service had been suspended since last October as the company was preparing for the arrival of its next-gen console. Now that it’s done, Microsoft is giving you the opportunity to customize your brand new Xbox Wireless Controller, for the lucky ones who were able to get hold of a Xbox Series X/S, or for those who are anticipating their next console purchase.

Your imagination is your only limit

The principle remains the same, you can choose your controller model, and customize all parts of it with a palette of 18 available colors, including Shock Blue, Pulse Red and Electric Volt. You also have the option of laser engraving your controller for a few extra euros.

Regarding materials, Microsoft specifies that ” most of our color options are made with plastics containing 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material by weight. These options reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and ensure that we are all doing our part to take care of the planet. “. The company is also looking for ways to improve itself, including testing different materials. We can therefore expect an update of the service in the months or years to come.

You can already test the Xbox Design Lab for a minimum price of 69,99$. If you are not personally interested in the concept, the firm recalls that it can make an excellent birthday present, or even an original way to ask your partner in marriage thanks to the engraving option.

Check out Xbox Design Lab for $ 69.99

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