Tim Cook says EU proposal would wipe out iPhone security

Apple CEO explains why the ability to download apps outside of the App Store would pose a danger to users.

After being canceled last year when the pandemic was raging, the Parisian exhibition of new technologies VivaTech has offered itself a guest of choice for its return. Tim Cook, Apple leader, has indeed made a remote appearance to address many themes, and deliver some crisp anecdotes. For the occasion, he also gave his vision of the term GAFA in an interview with our colleagues from Brut.

Tim Cook doesn’t like the term “GAFA”

“I don’t like this acronym very much” Tim Cook said of the term GAFA, an acronym regularly used to designate the four biggest American tech companies: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. For the manager of Apple, this term “Suggests that all big companies are monolithic, yet they are very different, with different business models and different values. “

He explains in particular that the intentions of these companies are not at all the same, and recalls that the Apple model is based on a combination of hardware, software and services, and how these three components work together. He took the opportunity in particular to recall Apple’s vision in terms of privacy, and that, unlike Google or Facebook, Apple does not generate any income from advertising and the collection of personal data.

Apple defends its App Store policy

Another subject addressed by Tim Cook: the exclusivity of the App Store. This has also caused many setbacks for Apple in recent times, especially during the lawsuit between it and Epic Games a few weeks ago.

Taking the opportunity to speak in Europe, and for the very first time, the boss of Apple mentioned the Digital Markets Act of the European Commission, which seeks to impose the « sideloading » applications, or give users the option to download applications outside of the App Store.

However, this proposal from the European Union is not viewed very favorably by Tim Cook. “It would destroy the security of the iPhone and much of the privacy initiatives that we have built into the App Store.” he explained, while specifying that this initiative could be worrying from the point of view of the privacy and security of users of Apple products.

To support his point, Tim Cook specifies that it is thanks to this strict policy of the App Store that the iPhone is much less subject to malwares qu’Android. “If iOS is better protected, it’s because we made sure that there is an App Store and that all applications are reviewed before being distributed” he specifies.

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