Amazon persuades Apple to remove an app from its App Store

After a complaint filed with Apple by Amazon, the company founded by Jeff Bezos finally obtained the removal of the Fakespot application, intended to assess the credibility of reviews posted on e-commerce platforms.

Fakespot will not have made the weight against the giant Amazon. On Friday July 16, GAFAM obtained the withdrawal of the application from the Apple App Store. The leader of e-commerce had recently filed a complaint against the software, on the pretext that the latter was delivering misleading information to consumers.

Fake reviews, the bane of Amazon

Designed as an application and a web browser extension, Fakespot aims toidentify fake reviews left on Amazon. A major problem on the platform, which recently took the decision to ban several brands after discovering that they paid customers to leave positive reviews. However, using third-party software to detect fraudulent comments does not seem to appeal to GAFAM.

Amazon finally explained that it reported the application to Apple on June 8, after the deployment of an update allowing the application to superimpose its source code on that of GAFAM … without official authorization. It is precisely this detail that allowed Amazon to win its case with Apple: under directive 5.2.2, developers are not allowed to use third-party content in an application without prior authorization. According to an Amazon spokesperson, this type of “Overlay” would be likely to “Create potential security risks”. In addition, Fakespot would provide customers with “Misleading information about our sellers and their products”.

Still present on Google Play, Fakespot is now not found on iOS. For his part, the CEO of the application Saoud Khalitah disputed Amazon’s accusations, explaining that while Fakespot did collect certain user data, the company did not resell it.

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