Exercising with the help of an AI, watching routines on YouTube

YouTube it is the home of a very wide range of audiovisual content. Among the available material, generated by its own user community, it is possible to find channels and videos dedicated to physical conditioning.

While these clips provide a guide for performing routines, the lack of feedback can influence their proper performance. This deficiency can be remedied by using Praxis, an application that monitors body posture during exercises.

Monitor posture while exercising

Doing physical exercises at home is not something new. The arrival of the Internet and particularly YouTube, promoted a telematic training format that was previously known through television formats. With the confinement of last year, the consumption of this content on the Internet increased in significant volumes.

This practice, in any of its possible scenarios, if done alone can have negative effects on the body.

Praxis, a free web tool, offers visual support for these cases. By means of an AI system, the application can capture through the webcam the movements of the body, identifying on the video with a graphic (called Skeleton Overlay) the posture of the trunk and the extremities of the person who exercises in front of his computer . In this way, it is possible to monitor in real time the movements carried out by the key joints of the body.

To use this service, just go to your main portal and choose a video guide. It is possible to carry out a personalized search, entering keywords in a form or simply providing a direct link to a YouTube video.

If the green graphic that is superimposed on the image captured by the camera becomes a distraction, it can be easily removed with a switch that appears at the top of the site.

At the bottom of the Praxis player, a link is provided to share the same video that is being played, but embedded within this platform. These links do not enable a collaborative exercise space, they simply replicate the formula used.

Previously, we met a similar concept in the application Artifit, oriented to mobile devices. Praxis, for its part, focuses its use on computer browsers, whose use can be complemented with the use of a larger screen, if there is one.

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