Google Duo will be easier to use with its new design

Google Duo is about to receive a new update that will improve its interface and simplify its dynamics.

While Duo has not received any updates for a long time, and rumors mention that it could be gone shortly, it seems that Google is still considering improving the experience for users with a new interface change.

Google Duo simplifies its dynamics with a new interface

Google Meet has been Google’s bet to compete with services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. We have seen how it has received constant updates that make it one of the best tools both for teamwork and for communicating with our family and friends.

What if, Google Duo has been relegated. And since last year there are rumors that it will definitely disappear, absorbed by Google Meet. In fact, we’ve even seen some popular Duo features move to Meet, for example the effects and filters for video calls.

However, it seems that there is still hope for Google Duo, as mentioned in Xda Developers. Google is preparing a new update for the application that would simplify the user interface of the home screen.

In this new design, some options and buttons are changed to offer a simpler interface. In the new interface, everything seems to be reduced to a new button that will gain prominence on the main screen. And as mentioned in a support post from Google DuoBy pressing this button we will find the options to create a new group, initiate a call and view lists of groups and contacts.

So instead of complicating yourself with multiple options on the home screen, you will have a hidden menu under this new button that brings together the main functions of Google Duo. In addition, a top search bar has been added to the new design.

And of course, other options will be available, such as inviting contacts, using this main button or using the search engine. As mentioned by the Google team, this new interface will begin to be implemented in the coming weeks to all users.

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