How to set up automatic replies to direct messages on Instagram

There are very few actions that can be carried out on an account of Instagram, but making use of external tools. For this reason, the possibilities of using this social network are generally limited to what it offers in advance.

InstaChamp, a tool external to Instagram, offers a set of direct message automation tools, a common practice in managing accounts on other social networks that, to date, is considered difficult to approach from Facebook’s sister platform.

Automate responses to direct messages on Instagram with InstaChamp

The only task that allows automating Instagram through its own tools, channeled through Business Suite, is the publication schedule. Automatic message scheduling is not an aspect covered directly by the platform and usually, unofficial services appear erratically offering solutions, until they are closed by Instagram for breaching their terms of service.

InstaChamp, unlike the cases just mentioned, has the approval of Facebook and communicates directly with the platform after the Instagram service through Messenger API.

This tool offers the possibility of defining an automatic thank you message for each occasion in which the configured account is mentioned in an Instagram story. Also, a welcome message can be set up to greet first-time direct messages.

Another interesting aspect, which adds to the InstaChamp tools, is the configuration of specific messages for funnels based on keywords. With this resource, it is possible to configure, for example, answers for common queries about a sales catalog. These messages may include links to websites or mentions to other Instagram accounts.

InstaChamp offers the possibility of increasing the organic traffic of an account, since the interactions within the platform enhance its algorithmic visibility. Through the messages that can be configured through this platform, content creators, influencers, brands and e-commerce stores, can retain their audience with a more fluid communication, enhance communication strategies based on calls to action and even provide customer support outside of normal business hours.

InstaChamp offers a free entry plan, which limits interactions to a maximum of 250 contacts and also adds a signature that mentions the use of its service. The addition of new functions and the elimination of branding of the platform in its responses, it is obtained through a paid subscription.

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