How to sort music from a Spotify playlist

Those who listen to music through Spotify, as they accumulate age within the platform, usually accumulate a large number of songs within their collection.

Although, Spotify offers basic filters to sort the songs in a playlist and even, filters by gender and mood, an external tool, Sort Your Music, allows you to use more specific elements as filters, such as tempo, dance potential, energy, popularity and more.

Sort playlists with the tools that Spotify offers

From the outset, it is important to note that to perform a basic filtering within a Spotify playlist, the same platform offers a tool for that.

Instructions vary depending on the type of device used to access the service. In its help portal, Spotify offers instructions for each case.

In this way, it is only possible to filter the content of a playlist by its title, artist, album, duration, date of incorporation or, in the case of collaborative playlists, according to who added the content.

These filters are applied temporarily, only while the function remains activated. Under the same procedure used to apply a filter, it is always possible to return to the original order of the list, selecting the option “custom order”.

Sort Your Music, a platform that offers more filters to sort music

With Sort Your Music, the aforementioned external platform, it is possible to order the songs from any of the playlists stored in a Spotify account, be these third-party playlists followed by the user or self-curated.

The filtering parameters offered by this web application are much more extensive. Adding to the filters that Spotify already offers, the tempo of the song measured in BPM is added, the energy level of a song, how easy it is to dance to this song, how loud it sounds, how positive is the mood that conveys, how acoustic its sound is, and how popular the song is within the platform. Additionally, it allows you to randomize the content of a list.

After previewing the new order assigned to the content of a playlist, the new version can be saved as a duplicate, keeping the original playlist unchanged.

To use this application, it is simply necessary to log in with the Spotify credentials, authorize the use of Sort Your Music and choose a playlist to start editing.

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