how to systematically erase your browsing history?

Here is a tip that could save your life if you use a different computer than your own or if you just want to hide your research from prying eyes. In two clicks, learn how to delete your last 15 minutes on Google Search.

There are many reasons for wanting to delete your history. Whether you’ve visited an adult site on the family computer or prepared a surprise for someone in your household, knowing what to do on mobile and PC is always a must. But there you have it, sometimes total deletion can play tricks on you, especially if you’re looking to save some of your research for later. So here is a little tutorial to learn how to remove the last 15 minutes and thus keep your previous searches, or those of the machine you are using.

On iOS:

If you use the mobile version of Google Search, on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to select your profile located at the top right. Then it’s just a matter of clicking “Delete the last 15 minutes”. You can also choose a shorter or longer range depending on your needs.

On Android:

Go to the application, click at the bottom right on the icon “plus” and select “search history”. You can then delete all your activities for the day or set a calendar range. Note that Google also offers automatic deletion every three months, just to do a regular sorting in your most bizarre searches like “What are the white balls in the pickle jars?”.

For the more radical, you can also never save your search history in Google Search by clicking on your icon and choose touse without account ”. That’s it !

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