It’s Impossible Food’s turn to announce its chicken-free nuggets

Formalized next week, these new chicken nuggets without chicken will have the difficult task of establishing themselves in the already saturated vegetable meat market.

Vegetable meat is definitely on the rise this year. After Planted, pea preparations that we had the opportunity to test a few weeks ago, or Beyond Meat, which launched its vegan chicken tenders in early July, it’s Impossible Food’s turn to enter the chicken-free chicken market. The brand will unveil next week at a trade show, a new recipe based on textured soy protein and sunflower oil. Unlike its previous products, the brand’s chicken nuggets will not contain heme, an ingredient genetically modified to replicate the juicy, rare texture of red meat that had won the brand a ban in Europe and China.

If Beyond Meat has already taken the lead on the competition with its vegan tenders, the slight delay taken by Impossible Food does not seem to worry the American brand. “We have been busy with other things”, said the CEO of the company Dennis Woodside. In addition to supplying certain restaurant chains with vegetable meat, such as Starbucks, Impossible Food has also largely focused on the retail sale of its products, by investing the shelves of 20,000 American supermarkets, reports the Bloomberg site.

Chicken with golden eggs

It must be said thatin the United States, chicken pays off. The poultry market brings in $ 110 billion annually to the country, more than any other meat. While the vegetable meat market is more and more popular with Americans, more and more brands are trying to establish themselves, by offering plant-based alternatives with varied recipes … but which often have in common: ‘to be ultra-transformed.

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