Joe Biden accuses Facebook of “killing people”

As vaccination against covid-19 accelerates in France, the campaign is slowing in the United States, at the same time as the number of cases increases. The fault, believes President Joe Biden, to Facebook, which participates in public disinformation.

It is a war against a background of vaccine control that pitted US President Joe Biden against the social network giant Facebook on Friday July 16. The politician has indeed accused the major platforms – Facebook in particular, of “Kill people” by letting circulate lots of fake news about the covid-19 pandemic, and in particular on the risks associated with vaccines. “They kill people. The only pandemic we have affected people who are not vaccinated ”, thus estimated the President of the United States, while he was questioned on the subject.

Vaccination campaign slows down in the United States

It must be said that while the United States has been particularly affected by the pandemic, the health crisis is still far from over in the country. While the Delta variant is causing an upsurge in positive cases in the country, the White House has decided to toughen up the tone against GAFAM, asking them in particular to fight more against disinformation. Last week, the CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control), the country’s main public health agency, warned about the increase in new cases identified daily, 27,800 on average for 223 deaths (+ 38%). A rising figure, which comes even though the 70% milestone for first-time injections promised by Joe Biden on July 4 has not yet been reached.

Facebook defends itself

Obviously, Facebook was quick to respond to the accusations of its detractor. Regularly singled out for its tendency to let fake news proliferate on its platform, the Mark Zuckerberg believes on the contrary to have contributed to the fight against covid-19. In an official press release, GAFAM states: “The facts show that Facebook helps save lives, full stop. We will not be distracted by accusations that are not based on facts ”. According to Facebook, more than 2 billion people have thus accessed information about the pandemic and vaccines from the platform with the blue logo. In the USA, “More than 3.3 million Americans have used our tool to find out where and how to get vaccinated”.

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