Microsoft Teams brings the preview of its Walkie Talkie app to iOS

After being available for more than a year for Android devices, the app preview Teams Walkie Talkie has just arrived on the iOS platform as well, allowing front-line workers, who are especially targeted by Microsoft for the application, to turn their smartphones into Walkie Talkie devices instead of using conventional walkie talkies.

For Microsoft: “This push-to-talk experience enables clear, instant and secure voice communication via the cloud, turning employee or company iOS and Android smartphones and tablets into a walkie-talkie”

The best of both worlds in the same mobile application

As they point out, workers will only have to press and hold the button to speak, and release it to listen to their colleagues, as in conventional devices, with the advantage that they will not have to search for analog frequencies to be able to speak, leading to less devices on top, also resulting in less weight, in addition to maintaining a fairly clear sound quality, being able to work in large territories by relying solely on mobile data or Wi-Fi networks.

According to the blog post:

The functionality, natively integrated into Teams, reduces the number of devices employees must carry and reduces IT costs. Unlike analog devices, customers no longer have to worry about frequency static, crosstalk, or eavesdropping. And since Walkie Talkie works over Wi-Fi or mobile data, it can be used in geographic locations.

Although there have been applications that work like Walkie Talkie for a long time, Microsoft’s support in an analogous application but with a business focus is a guarantee for workers who have taken advantage of Microsoft 365 / Office 365 subscriptions.

In addition, the functionality offered in the application is quite practical and functional when it comes to establishing the communications with other colleagues through the variety of channels, together with the advantages of current connectivity capabilities, which makes this application more convenient.

And let’s not forget the practicality of today’s smart mobile phone screens compared to the LCD screens of original devices, adding the best of both worlds to form a practical and effective solution.

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