The three novelties that will arrive on Android TV this week

Google continues to add new features to Android TV to make it as practical and functional as possible. Continuing with the novelties launched last February, in which the interface was renewed, now coming with three practical tabs that give access to favorite applications and channels, offer personalized recommendations, and also offer a relationship with all applications installed, now comes a new major update again.

With this update, three new features come to the Discover tab that allows users to have more options when it comes to discovering and selecting their content to view on a television screen.

More facilities when choosing content

The first one is the watchlist, making it easy and simple for users to access the content they are interested in seeing. Once they have added content multimedia to the list, they will have a separate row within the Discover tab with everything they want to see.

The second one allows users to adjust recommendation preferences. Through the function Improve your recommendations, users will find this feature in the form of a card, from which, once they enter, they will receive a series of recommendations for programs and movies that they must accept or reject according to their preferences, in order to refine this dating app-style recommendation algorithms mode.

Once the process is finished, the recommendations offered in the Discover tab will be updated. And finally, the interface of the pages in which the details of the contents are offered is improved, being now more spectacular and immersive, where among other things, the automatic reproduction of the advances that they have as soon as they open will be offered.

At this point, all those who do not want automatic reproductions, which will be activated by default, will have the possibility to deactivate this feature.

Undoubtedly, these are improvements that, according to Google, will come throughout this week, so users will have to come the corresponding update to have these three new functions that make Android TV an even more functional experience.

It is more than likely that in future updates more functions will arrive that allow to increase the user experience without affecting the ease of use, so we will have to wait for future updates to be able to know the next news that they will entail.

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