What is Project Pegasus, this global spy system that targets journalists and activists

A media consortium lifts the veil on Project Pegasus, spyware that was used to spy on the phones of journalists and activists around the world.

On July 18, a consortium of 16 media gathered around the Forbidden Stories organization made a frightening revelation by highlighting a particularly well-established global spy system.

Her name : Pegasus Project, taken from the name of the spyware sold by NSO Group, an Israeli company. This software is intended for mobile phones and is able to retrieve conversations – including those from apps like WhatsApp or Signal – but also location data, photos, and it is even capable of recording the holder of the contaminated smartphone without his knowledge.

According to NSO Group, however, Pegasus was only intended to be used to monitor terrorists or serious criminals around the world. After analyzing nearly 50,000 telephone numbers, the consortium reveals that it would in fact be used to spy on heads of state, deputies, billionaires, high-ranking soldiers, journalists or even lawyers …

In France, more than 1,000 people are said to have been spied on using Pegasus, including “Journalists from Le Monde, France 2, France 24, RFI, L’Humanité … and Figaro columnist Eric Zemmour” indicate Radio France and France Info. Lénaïg Bredoux and Edwy Plenel from Mediapart would also be targeted, as would Dominique Simonnot, general controller of places of deprivation of liberty (CGLPL).

In total, this weapon would have been used by a dozen governments to target certain opponents. For now, light still needs to be shed on this matter. Questioned at the microphone of France Info this morning, Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, denounced “Extremely shocking facts which, if they are proven, are extremely serious”, while asserting that France was not “Not a stakeholder in this software”.

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