Apple Glass AR may be presented at WWDC 2022 with the new iPod 8

The Cupertino technology will be preparing a year of major launches in 2022. In 2021 we will also have the presentation of the iPhone 13 range and possibly new iMac computers with processors developed by Apple itself, but the big surprises will be reserved for next year. Among these, we will have the Apple Glass AR e iPod of eighth generation.

Indeed, now comes the promise of a new design for iOS smartphones, with the iPhone 14 being able to take over with a look distinct. In addition, we will be able to see the end of the iPhone mini, as well as the generalization of the iPad with OLED screen.

2022 will be the year of Apple’s big surprises

Apple Glass
Digital representation of artificial reality glasses, the Apple Glass AR.

In addition to the product illustrated above, the Apple Glass AR, according to the new information leaks we may also have a new 8th generation iPod as a surprise release. This possibility is based on information recently released by Robert Scobble, the usual source of various information and details about the Cupertino technology.

According to this source Apple will announce its first headset of virtual reality next year. This product has been suggested in some rumors, various concepts and digital illustrations, but no tangible proof of its existence.

We could have the Apple Glass AR and iPod 8 in 2022

Regarding Apple’s VR headset:Just learned it will launch at WWDC next year because the new iPod will be a huge deal for Christmas.The iPod introduces many of the experiences you will more fully experience by Christmas of 2022 in the headset and expect them to work together.

— Scoble (@Scobleizer) July 15, 2021

For Scobble, the Apple Glass VR will be announced during WWDC 2022, with market launch taking place a few weeks later. The reason for this release something fast? The arrival of the iPod 8 in time for the holiday season.

So far we registered some rumors that pointed to the presentation of Apple Glass next year. Now, this power supply advances the Apple Glass AR name, as well as a release date during the first half of 2022.

It remains to be seen exactly what will be the role of this device. How will it be stated before the other hardware of the North American technology and what purpose it will try to fulfill. Is there still a demand for dedicated music players?

A physical device for storing music in the middle of the streaming?

Although on Twitter they can give the presentation of the Apple Glass AR and iPod 8 as a certainty, I personally raise some doubts. Especially for the iPod, a physical device to store our songs in the middle of the streaming.

As far as Apple Glass AR is concerned, it is more likely that Apple will present them. After all, Samsung also has such a device, as does Google and several other reputable manufacturers.

In summary, they are for now two remote hypotheses (quite a lot) in this author’s opinion. Let’s wait for more information, very cautiously interpreting this material in video and discussions on Twitter.

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