at this (broken) price, you will fall for this revolutionary toothbrush

Y-Brush is a revolutionary toothbrush that allows perfect brushing in 10 seconds. For the sales, this revolution becomes accessible!

Update new markdown of sales (accessories):

For the 3rd markdown of the sales, Y-Brush is posting a new promotion (the best), this time on the Start pack. As the name suggests, it contains everything you need to start using Y-Brush, it is offered at 89 euros instead of 124.99 euros. That’s a nearly 30% reduction for this revolutionary toothbrush.

In detail, this pack includes:

  • Y-Brush toothbrush
  • A Y-Brush stain
  • The charging cable
  • And the Y-Brush support program

This is a perfect opportunity to embark on the adventure at a lower price. If you prefer more complete packs, additional accessories or something to introduce Y-Brush to your children, all the promotions below remain available for this new markdown.

I take advantage of the Start Pack

In addition to this, the brand has just launched a new markdown for its accessories that have owed up to 50% off. A new brush for example benefits from a 15% reduction, remember to equip yourself properly and change it every month.

The Y-Brush sonic (and French) vibration toothbrush is a revolution for oral hygiene: it allows you to brush your teeth in just 10 seconds thanks to ultrasonic motors and filaments on the brush.

If its price could put off more than one, on the occasion of the sales, the very complete Summer pack drops to only 99 euros against 139 euros usually! The perfect opportunity to discover this brushing of a new kind. If you are already equipped, know that all accessories go to 50% off, and this is the case with the brush in particular.

Take advantage of the offer on the Summer pack

Take advantage of the accessories offer

10 seconds to have clean teeth

The promise of the French company behind Y-Brush is to allow you to brush your teeth in 10 seconds. To achieve this feat, the technology is based on ultrasonic motors which will vibrate (more or less quickly) the 35,000 nylon filaments of the made in France toothbrush. The latter has three modes: a gentle mode which lasts fifteen seconds, a normal mode which lasts 10 seconds and a fast mode which lasts 5 seconds, for “intermediate” brushing – after lunch for example.

The Y-Brush toothbrush can also be accompanied by several accessories which are also on sale at -15% on the site during the French Days.
© Y-Brush

Y-Brush is available in several packs. For the summer sales, they have created a special pack: the summer pack! It is currently cheaper than the Start pack while it is even more complete.

He understands :

  • a sleeve
  • a brush
  • a USB cable
  • a storage rack (Summer bonus pack)
  • an adapter (Summer Pack bonus)
  • access to the Y-Brush support program

To discover the toothbrush, it’s here:

Take advantage of the offer on the Summer pack

If you are already equipped with a Y-Brush brush or want to take the lead in renewing your brush, you can also benefit from a 50% discount on accessories right now. The brush renewal is recommended every 6 months, so it is worthwhile to schedule it now. It is also an offer to seize if you want to equip the whole family. Each brush costs 30 euros, the saving of 50% becomes substantial for a family of four.

Take advantage of the accessories offer

An ultrasonic toothbrush for the whole family

When purchasing, you will be able to select the size of the brush, for example, S for children from four to twelve years old and M for people over twelve years old. There are also other packs dedicated to children at 109 euros for these sales (instead of 129). More fun, Y-Brush, could well restore the taste of brushing to the youngest who is reluctant to the task. This will convert this binding moment in a fun experience. This innovation goes well beyond that since it is also suitable for disabled people who have difficulty brushing their teeth.

The Y-Brush toothbrush can adapt to all the teeth of children and adults.
© Y-Brush

Cutting-edge technology, yet easy to use

With the help of the Y-Brush sonic vibration toothbrush, you can simultaneously clean all the top teeth, then all the bottom teeth. This is what saves a lot of time when brushing. It is done in just ten seconds and thus with optimal toothbrushing – compared to two minutes with a manual toothbrush which, in this allotted time, will not necessarily be optimal.

Y-Brush is very easy to use. In truth, its operation is very close to a classic brush. Once the toothpaste is placed on the brush, put the brush in your mouth, choose the program, make back and forth movements from left to right and wait until the end of the program. That’s all.

To see the offers on Y-Brush, it’s here:

Take advantage of the offer on the Summer pack

Take advantage of the accessories offer

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