Barely announced, the Steam Deck sells for gold on eBay

Barely announced, Valve’s Steam Deck joins the PS5 and graphics cards on the shelves of scalpers.

Last week, Valve unveiled its new Steam Deck, a curious Linux PC / portable console hybrid. The machine immediately caught the eye of part of the public. Many rushed to make a reservation as soon as possible, since Valve only required a deposit of 4 euros.

Result: after a few minutes, the stormed servers are broke down. Gabe Newell’s troops have therefore made the decision to postpone delivery to 2022, and now indicate “ born not be able to guarantee availability” of the product.

The scourge of scalpers

Except that in the meantime, another category of buyers, hated by all, has pointed the tip of its nose: the scalpers. This term designates Internet users who engage in a form of market manipulation; when a highly anticipated product is presented, they rush to grab all the available stocks. With the objective of resell at a high price subsequently, taking advantage of the shortage thus generated.

In the current context, where a large part of the hardware industry still suffers from supply difficulties, the problem is even more noticeable. This is obviously not the only one, but it is one of the elements contributing to the shortage of graphics cards and gaming consoles, for example.

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Questionable or even illegal practices

All these factors put together can generate ubiquitous situations, which Valve’s new device has not escaped. On eBay, as of this writing, three Steam Decks are offered between 700 and 1000 €.

Kotaku even spotted copies at 2500$ ! Many of the Decks offered on the platform are marked “pre-sale”, along with a screenshot of the confirmed reservation on Steam. Note that if they are ethically very questionable, these resales are even perfectly illegal in this specific context. They violate the “Presale policy”From the e-commerce platform, and should therefore be removed from eBay, but this will not solve the underlying problem.

In any case, we can only help you strongly advise against to give in to the temptation to buy from a scalper, and consequently to endorse these practices. This is even more true when it comes to a pre-order, which leaves all the more leeway for a potential scammer. We therefore invite you to take your troubles patiently and to make a pre-order in due form.

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