Fall Guys: Season 5 promises to be even wilder!

Discover here all the new features that are coming to Fall Guys with season 5.

Fall Guys just unveiled its brand new season during a live this afternoon. On the program, the game takes on the colors of summer by taking us directly to the heart of a lush jungle strewn with pitfalls. Discover all the novelties of this season in the lines that follow. It will be available for free from July 20!

The race for victory is getting tougher

Six new trials await the bravest among you. As usual, Mediatonic has concocted them based on obstacle courses, agility events or even speed, but this time with an exotic charm and some specificities specific to the theme of the season. We will find in particular expansive frogs, mechanical rhinos, as well as a temple lost in the middle of a jungle filled with obstacles. Mediatonic describes these events like this:

  • Treetop Tumble – Take branched routes in a frantic race to the finish. Filled with perilous log swings and expansive frogs (yes, seriously). Who knows where your choices will take you?
  • Stompin’ Ground – What happens when beans venture into rhino territory? Well, get ready to find out! Run, dive and dodge in a fast-paced escape of three mechanical rhinos. Good luck !
  • Lost Temple – Our most ambitious event yet… and it’s a new final! Navigate the Lost Temple whose shape and path to the Crown are ever-changing.
  • Lily Leapers – Leap to the rhythm of Lily Leapers. Keep a cool head to make a perfect landing and conquer each floor by jumping from drum to drum.
  • Bubble Trouble – Bubble Trouble is a five-way battle between quick beans and bubble dreams! Fight your way through the obstacle-filled areas to earn your glorious qualification.
  • Pegwin Pool Party – Roll down fast slides and catch those pesky Pegwins. The longer you hang on, the more points you earn. We hope you have an iron fist!

Special skins, limited events, squad matches … all the news

As with every start of the season, there will also be special limited-time events. These events will give you access to new skins for your bean, as well as patterns, or even emoticons. During this season, you can also play in a squad with your friends with the duo and trio shows. The perfect opportunity to establish group strategies and try to survive the trials of Fall Guys while staying in touch with your friends.

The studio is also teasing the arrival of crossovers, just like its main competitor is already doing. Fortnite. This would not be surprising, moreover, sinceEpic Games bought Mediatonic last March the studio behind Fall Guys. If we think of the jungle, we might soon see accessories bearing the effigy of Indiana Jones, or even the Jungle Book, who knows?

As a reminder, Fall Guys is available on PS4, PS5 (thanks to backward compatibility) and PC, while the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions are still pending. At the end of April, Mediatonic had extended the deadline in relation to this release which is now scheduled for an unknown date.

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