Google already allows you to install apps on Wear OS watches from your mobile

The Google team announced a series of new Google Play features for Wear OS, as well as a new dynamic that will make it easier for users to discover new apps and install them on their Wear OS watches from mobile.

All these features will start rolling out within a week. And of course, still waiting for all the news that the unified platform of Google and Samsung can bring.

What’s new in Wear OS that will make it easier to discover and install applications

The Google team announced that the Play Store for wear OS 2.0 (or higher) will be updated with Material You, making it easier to navigate the clock interface. We will find that the content is now displayed on cards so that users can see the important data smoothly.

And on the other hand, a series of features will be implemented that will make it easier to discover apps that are compatible with our watch with Wear OS from Google Play on the mobile.

To make it much easier to find apps that are compatible with your watch from your Android mobile, this update allows you to use filters. For example, you can start the search in the Play Store as “clock faces”, “clock”, among other terms.

And if you are just looking for new applications, you can use the recommendations that you will find in categories such as “Wear OS”. So you no longer have to waste time trying to filter the applications manually to find one that is compatible with your watch, but you can use these collections.

On the other hand, you can also install on your watch those applications that you find in the Android Play Store. As you can see in the image above, the Google store will give you the option to choose the device to install. So you can choose and install the app directly on your watch from your Android mobile.

All of these new Google Play features, on both Wear OS and Android, will begin rolling out in the coming weeks. And of course, one of the great news that will come to Wear OS with the launch of the unified platform from Samsung and Google.

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