Google Lens will expand its availability on the desktop through Chrome

Google will continue to expand Lens on the desktop. To date, Lens is available on the desktop after its arrival in the desktop version of Google Photos last April, and with a special focus on character recognition capabilities, as long as Chrome is used as the browser.

But Google wants to expand the use of Lens on the desktop through Chrome, for which a modification will come to the pop-up menu that appears after clicking with the right mouse button on an image, introducing the option of «Search image with Google Lens ».

More Google Lens presence on the desktop

According to 9to5Google, this option will take users to the web, where the search image will appear on the left along with a series of settings for it, while the results will appear as a column on the right.

On this website, there will also be a section where the “Main match” will be displayed, as well as a grid where both images similar to the one searched and related images based on other search terms will be displayed.

If it were not enough, Google will give the possibility that users can retry the search but through Google Images. At the same time, users can also manually upload the images through the button that they will have in the upper right corner of the screen.

The new integration will arrive with version 92 of Chrome, according to the aforementioned medium. With that, Google Lens will begin to have a greater presence on the desktop thanks to its integration in the desktop version of Chrome, which will enhance its use, taking into account that it is much more comfortable and practical to work on a desktop computer than on the screen of a mobile device , and more when it comes to an image.

In this way, Google Lens continues to evolve to become a cross-platform service.

What we do not know yet is if Google will expand its capabilities beyond image searches with Chrome over time, which would be interesting to be able to match the capabilities on the desktop with respect to what it already has on mobile devices, as currently the major efforts of the service are focusing on mobile devices.

Image Credit: Google

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