HalloApp, the new messaging app created by former WhatsApp employees

A new proposal in a messaging and social network app enters the scene with HalloApp. A new initiative that comes from the hand of two former WhatsApp employees.

HalloApp is presented as the first app for real relationships, which promises to provide you with a safe, private and ad-free space.

So the new app created by former WhatsApp employees

HalloApp It is a kind of WhatsApp combined with Facebook, but without everything you hate about these platforms:

Imagine that your online friends were your real friends. Imagine that your feed is not full of people and posts that you do not care about. Imagine scrolling through significant moments and seeing what you wanted you to see, not what the algorithm wanted you to see. Imagine not being treated like a product. HalloApp is the first real relationship network.

And in order to separate itself from all the known dynamics of current messaging apps and social networks, this application ensures that you will not find ads, bots, influencers, or algorithms that harm your experience in communicating with your friends and family.

As with WhatsApp, you will need to know the phone number of the users with whom you want to interact within the app. Once you open the app you will find a main feed with publications from your friends, two sections dedicated to individual and group chats, and the configuration section.

All chats are end-to-end encrypted, offering only the basic options for communicating with your friends. Yes, no audio or location sharing, just text messages, images and videos. And you will not find filters, likes or those options that are already so typical of social networks.

And they promise that they will never show ads, as the idea is to offer premium features at a small cost. HalloApp was created by Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue. Both worked in prominent positions on WhatsApp, both before and after Facebook bought it in 2014. This application is now available on Google Play Y App Store.

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