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With the HOBOT-2S, the manufacturer Hobot has presented a new window cleaning robot with app control.

HOBOT-2S window cleaning robot with ultrasonic spray

We already had the Hobot company as a topic here on the blog and on YouTube, when Karim was the mopping robot Hobot Legee 7 had imagined. Now the manufacturer has presented a new window cleaning robot that has an app control. Another patented innovation is the ultrasonic spray mist, which the device emits onto the window with two side-mounted nozzles. The water is atomized into 15 micrometer fine particles and is intended to simulate breathing on a window.

Image: Hobot

An edge sensor on the Hobot-2S ensures that corners can be cleaned even better. Slight bumps on the window seal or on the edges of frameless windows are recognized and vacuum impairments are prevented.

With a length of five meters, the power cable ensures that the entire work area can be covered. In the event of a power failure, the built-in uninterruptible power supply system ensures that the Hobot-2S remains attached to the window pane for 20 minutes and provides an acoustic signal about the power failure. The control can be realized with the supplied remote control or via app.

Price and availability

The Hobot-2S is now available from Amazon and costs 449.99 euros there.

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