Kevin Feige doesn’t rule out Venom’s arrival in the MCU

Venom in the MCU, Kevin Feige prefers to never say never. The president of Marvel Studios does not rule out the possibility of the future of his franchise and announces that it could happen somewhere “between tomorrow and never”.

The universe of Spidey continues to weave its web at Sony. The SPUMC, pour Sony Picture Universe of Marvel Characters, traces its route in the dark rooms with the second opus of Venom. But unlike the adventures of Peter Parker, Eddie Brock’s films are currently not connected to the House of Ideas MCU. Indeed, it is thanks to an agreement concluded between Sony Pictures and Disney that the spider man was able to join. The avengers. If it has been rumored for several months that such a transaction could apply for Venom, Kevin Feige wanted to set the record straight during an interview for Rotten Tomatoes. The president of Marvel explains in fact that for the moment, nothing is planned in this direction.

“Obviously I don’t want to talk about rumors or speculation about what might happen when it comes to characters that Marvel Studios has yet to put on screen. But I’ll say what I’ve always said: I’ve been at Marvel for 20 years and I wouldn’t rule anything out. I will not exclude absolutely nothing. Any rumor that you read online could come up anytime between tomorrow and never. ”

The meeting of Venom with other protagonists of the MCU is therefore not for now. In the meantime, you can still find Eddie Brock and his symbiote in the dark rooms. from October 20. The film directed by Andy Serkis will see return Tom Hardy in the title role. The actor will also give the reply to Michelle Williams (Shutter Island) and Naomie Harris (Spectre). The great villain of this new opus will be camped by Woody Harrelson (Back to Zombieland). In 2022, Sony will also unveil Morbius with Jared Leto as a scientist with a rare disease. But as he tries to develop a cure for his ailments, he will transform into a bloodthirsty creature.

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