Like bitcoin, the price of AirPods Max is plummeting

The price drops are linked to the Airpods Max. They now fall to less than 500 euros at Amazon.

After a nice fall from the start of the sales, the AirPods Max are granted a new decline, to believe that it is taking the example of bitcoin. For the first time, the famous Apple helmet drops below 500 euros at Amazon, sold and shipped by the merchant with all the guarantees that this implies. With the approach of summer and with this reduction, it is undoubtedly the right time to fall for this reduction of more than 130 euros compared to the official price. Be careful, however, it is only valid on the color sky blue.

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Airpods Max: the best wireless headphones on the market?

If this is the first “real” wireless headphones from Apple, the AirPods Max are the heirs of the famous AirPods Pro that we no longer present. Apple relied on this expertise to build the AirPods Max but is adjusting many points. The “headphone” format indeed allows many more jokes than headphones. But rest assured, the two most important elements are there: audio quality and active noise reduction at the top.

First on sound, AirPods Max retain the excellent balance of AirPods Pro. No frequency really comes to override another. It is therefore a well balanced helmet and one of the qualities of this helmet. This also sets it apart from its two biggest competitors are the Bose Headphones 700 and Sony’s WH-1000XM4. These last two all have quite marked sound signatures, where Apple is more neutral. This allows him to accompany all types of music brilliantly and to please the greatest world. If you have eclectic musical tastes, this is the one for you.

Then on active noise reduction (ANC): it is up to the audio quality. The AirPods Max are among the best performers on this point, if not even the best. Not only does it handle continuous sounds like those of engines very well, but it also manages to attenuate human voices very well and generally more sudden sounds. This makes it the ideal companion in all circumstances, from the subway to the office to the street. In the latter, you can also use the transparency mode to hear what is happening around you. Particularly natural, this mode is an undeniable success. It’s very simple, no one has done better so far.

So much for the audio part, but Apple headphones oblige, it inherits all the know-how of Cupertino in terms of ergonomics, software and ecosystem. This is how we find on the helmet the famous “digital crown” inherited from the Apple Watch and always fluid and pleasant to handle. It allows you to adjust the headphone volume and control playback by tapping on it. Next to it is another button which has no other function than to switch from transparency mode to ANC. Simple and efficient.

The AirPods obviously work together particularly with Apple products with a pairing as magical as with the AirPods is a perfect integration with iOS and MacOS. Note, however, that the headset will also work with Android devices and Windows PCs, but it will necessarily be a little less well integrated. It is nonetheless one of the best helmets you can find today. If at 629 euros it was certainly very expensive compared to its competitors who already offered good services, with this reduction, it becomes more interesting … failing to be able to be considered as affordable.

Take advantage of the offer

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