New from DuckDuckGo to Protect Email Privacy

DuckDuckGo, one of the leading privacy-focused alternative search engines to Google, is now focusing on protecting users via email messages with the launch of Email Protection.

Currently available in closed beta phase, it is the new email message forwarding service of the well-known alternative search engine, which has the peculiarity that it eliminates all the trackers it finds within the received messages before sending them to the usual email addresses.

This not only eliminates the existing trackers within the messages, but also also serves to protect addresses from email main, thus being compatible with the usual e-mail services.

They promise that in their work of removing trackers they will not save any messages on their systems, not even the headers. Users will be able to create their free @ email addresses through an application as well as through the extension itself.

According DuckDuckGo:

You might be surprised to learn that 70% of emails contain trackers that can detect when you opened a message, where you were when you opened it, and what device you were using. If that’s not creepy enough, this email data can be used to profile you, even to target you with ads and influence the content you see online.

From DuckDuckGo they seek to prevent users from being forced to migrate to other services or other applications in case they want greater protection through email messages.

Under the slogan “Same inbox, more privacy”, they point out that:

Most of the existing email privacy solutions have significant advantages and disadvantages. You need to change email services or apps entirely, or downgrade your email experience by hiding all images. We believe that protecting your personal information from being leaked to third parties should be simple and hassle-free, like the rest of DuckDuckGo’s privacy protection suite.

In the event that users begin to experience a progressive increase in spam due to data breaches or other issues, will have the possibility to deactivate their address @ Those interested can join the waiting list through the application, but in this case, without the need to share any personal information.

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