New from YouTube to financially support favorite creators

Super thanks is the new feature that YouTube is beginning to offer as of today so that followers can continue to make financial contributions to their favorite content creators directly, being the fourth paid digital product, which is how YouTube calls this type of capabilities .

Unlike Super Chat, Super Stickers and channel subscriptions, aimed at live broadcasts, Super thanks targets videos uploaded individually by favorite creators on their respective channels.

This option is aimed at supporting uploaded videos instead of live broadcasts

Super thanks allows followers to contribute an amount of money from among the four eligible options, ranging from $ 2 to $ 50, or in the equivalent regional currency, being able to attach if they want a message, which will appear highlighted in the comments section.

Regarding the distribution of income through this new feature, YouTube will keep 30% of the payments, sending the remaining 70% to the creators themselves.

It so happens that 2020 has been an excellent year for YouTube content creators, who have increased most of their income three times compared to 2019 thanks to Super Chat, Super Stickers and channel subscriptions.

Super Chat will be, starting today, available to thousands of creators selected at random, belonging to the YouTube partner program in 68 countries, with the idea of ​​expanding to all eligible creators by the end of the year.

There is no doubt that platforms struggle to offer advantageous economic conditions that allow creators to develop their works for them instead of rival platforms.

In this regard, since YouTube They have not only wanted to equate the characteristics to those existing in other platforms, so that creators obtain direct income from their followers, but from now on they try to make a difference so that creators can have more income channels that incentivize them to continue with their jobs.

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