Nintendo: a super rare e-reader card resurfaces

This card could have made one happy in 2002, but it will finally make one 20 years later.

Recently, video game treasures are gradually resurfacing to sell for a high price to collectors. This is particularly the case for two auctions of game cartridges, one from the first Zelda game and one of Super Mario 64, sold for $ 870,000 and $ 1.5 million, respectively. A far cry from these exorbitant prices, a 2002 Nintendo e-reader card has just hit the market, claiming to be the rarest card to date.

It dates from the most famous Californian conference in the gaming world that year. Indeed, during E3 2002, Nintendo had organized an event centered around these e-reader cards, of which a slew of packages had been distributed, with inside cards of three types: the municipalities, which did not give access at no price, a hundred “second prize” cards and finally only ten “first prize” cards.

The rarest e-reader card in the world?

It is a card of the latter type, bearing the likeness of Kirby, which has therefore resurfaced on the rare items market. If not only the first prize Kirby cards had been drawn in number of 10, those who fell on them on the day of E3 saw theirs destroyed by Nintendo in exchange for this famous first prize that it promised. Very few copies are therefore still in circulation today (admitting that this one is not the one and only remaining).

It is therefore one of the most popular e-reader cards. The only concern is that the edition for sale is no longer under seal and has been tested on a GameBoy Advance for authenticity purposes. It goes without saying that its value has fallen severely although it is still put on sale for $ 6,500 at the time of writing this article. In view of the time remaining for the sale, this is a price that could rise further.

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