Razer launches slippers in its Sneki Snek range

Always in a logic of environmental protection, Razer presented its new product which will help it to plant trees.

On the occasion of World Snake Day, which took place on July 16, Razer, the manufacturer of gaming devices, presented its brand new accessory for Sunday gamers: a pair of slippers with the image of its adorable Snack Snack. Since a while since becoming the mascot of the brand’s ecological range, Sneki Snek reinvents itself exactly in time to protect its fellow snakes.

Sneki Snek slippers are sold for € 59.99, are made of recycled polyester and eco-friendly PVC, and also have non-slip soles. Lined in plush material, these are slippers that will keep your gaming feet warm, perfect for preparing for this winter. They are available in sizes small, medium or large. Refer to Razer’s size guide to find yours.

Sneki Snek soon to have half a million trees planted

Just like with other Sneki Snek products, each purchased copy allows Razer to plant 10 trees. The end goal is to plant 1 million trees. The other products available are a headrest cushion, a soft toy, a sleep mask and a mat.

To date, Razer, and its loyal customers, have successfully planted over 460,000 trees. The next step is to reach 500,000 for the brand to decide to reveal what will be the next Sneki Snek product to emerge. If for the moment all the items fall into the lifestyle category, we can always imagine some purely gaming products for the next releases.

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