The Galaxy Wearable update reveals everything

Not much about Galaxy Watch4 Classic and Watch4, but all the parameters of Galaxy Buds2 can be read from the app update.

Again, an update to the Galaxy Wearable app has confirmed information about the Galaxy Buds2, including active noise cancellation, battery size and new features. More precisely, one. In the case of Buds2, active noise cancellation can be switched per ear, so it works even if you only wear one ear. However, the degree of noise filtering cannot be fine-tuned like Buds Pro and the Audio 360 function will not be available.



The operating time, on the other hand, is likely to be the same, given that the battery capacity is the same per milliamper hour. The charger case has a capacity of 472 mAh, and the earbuds have 61 mAh batteries each, giving us 4-4.5 hours of music listening with ANC and roughly double the noise filtering off.


The app also lacks touch volume control for the time being, but it is included in the program code, so it is possible that it will already be included in the final version, or the feature will come with a later update, until then it has been replaced with extended touch control (press and hold).

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