The iPhone has become much stronger in the US

50% of newly activated mobiles run iOS, and only the remaining 50% gets the entire android field, instead of the previously typical 60-70%.


A report by analyst firm CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) found that iOS and Android were virtually 50-50% shared in the U.S. in the second quarter, based on newly-activated devices. Instead of 50-50%, the ratio was around 60-40% in favor of the usual Android with an infinite number of devices, but Google’s operating system was already around 70% against Apple.

The iPhone 12 series is selling very well, the Mini alone has not lived up to expectations [+]

Mike Levin, one of the founders of CIRP, explains the phenomenon that while iOS user loyalty is virtually unbroken, 93% loyalty when buying a new mobile, Android can only stay 88%, and other customers It is moving towards Apple in the bipolar smartphone market.

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