These robotic cat ears move with your brain waves

The Japanese company Neurosky has just launched its new robotic cat ears, which are able to move autonomously according to your brain waves.

If you’ve always dreamed of putting yourself in a cat’s shoes, these robotic ears might be what you need. Specializing in autonomous objects, the Japanese company Neurosky has just launched its new Necomimi headband. Presented as two imposing faux fur cat ears mounted on a headband, the device is actually a gem of technology, since it is able to read your brain waves. With its sensors to be placed on the forehead and on the left ear, the Necomimi can thus decipher certain cerebral impulses, and move the ears accordingly.

Thus, details an explanatory video shared by the company, the ears will be folded in the event of concentration or a state of relaxation. An outside disturbance will have the effect of straightening the ears, and so on. In principle, the device remains the same as the first headband imagined by the company in 2012. The only notable differences are the use of lighter materials, the presence of a rechargeable battery, but also the integration of speakers, which now allow the Necomimi to meow and purr.

€ 15,000 already raised

Currently available for pre-order via its crowdfunding campaign, the Necomimi banner has already enjoyed great success with Internet users, collecting 1,954,657 yen since the launch of the project, or just over € 15,000. 390% funded, the project is still accessible from the platform Makuake. If these amazing robotic cat ears catch your eye, count around € 115 (not including shipping costs). If you are still wondering what the device could be used for, the company talks about better communication and management of non-verbal emotions. However, it must be admitted that even if they are particularly cute, it is difficult to imagine them worn in real life.

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