Ubisoft announces XDefiant, a free-to-play FPS inspired by Tom Clancy

XDefiant is already shaping up to be the next benchmark in terms of competitive free-to-play with its energetic gameplay.

After the announcement of Heartland several weeks ago, Ubisoft returns to center stage with a brand new free-to-play game also inspired by the Tom Clancy franchise. The title is called XDefiant and is a shooting game featuring two teams of six players in a closed map.

Players will join factions of Defiant, people with special abilities, all of which are closely and remotely inspired by the universe of Tom Clancy. The factions present are the Wolves, the Echelon, the Outcasts and the Cleaners. The maps will also be inspired by several games from the successful saga. However, the title is specially designed to be suitable for all players, even those who are not necessarily familiar with the Tom Clancy franchise.

Ubisoft prides itself on having created an ultra-competitive game with frenzied clashes that will make everyone agree. There will notably be the famous Domination, Team Deathmatch and Escort modes. The game will support cross-play from the day of its release between all platforms on which it will be available. Get a glimpse of its gameplay in the overview video above.

When will XDefiant be available?

XDefiant will be available soon on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Ubisoft Connect, Amazon Luna and Stadia. The title still does not have a release date but a closed beta is scheduled for August 5 for residents of the United States and Canada. Ubisoft warns that more beta’s are on the way before the game’s release, so you just need to to register to receive the latest news.

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